Yes, I am insane.

Because your character is your destiny

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If you mind ranting about episodes of Doctor Who, Merlin, Glee, Torchwood or any other type of fiction, be it books or fanfic, don't friend me, 'cause that'll be a big part of what you'll be getting. Also, I use the journal as a personal place to vent some of the things on my mind, when my own-real-life-paper journal isn't enough. Or too boring.

If you don't mind, feel free to friend me, I like meeting new people.

Some facts about me:

My name is Olga, or Olgay, of Olget, or Olgetski, or whatever terribly inventive nickname my friends have currently come up with. I live in Germany and was born on the 28th Nov. 1991.
When I've got nothing more interesting to do, I study medicine at the University of Düsseldorf. But that rarely happens. Nah, just kidding. Apart from that, my ticks are latin-american dances, martial arts, reading and writing fanfiction, among other things.